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I am pleased to tell you that I became a certified member of PennHip (Pennsylvania, USA).
If you want to know more about this method please visit www.pennhip.org

dr. Péter Menyhárt




Truly I have started my career as a veterinarian not long ago but this period of time has changed my life in many aspects.
Social and economic changes have significantly repressed practice of farm animals, so I turned my veterinary activity towards to the treating of pets.

In our region, there are several well-trained vets, and it is very hard to get to the first base. Therefore I have devoted most of my energies to attain all the medical methods of reproduction care and hip dysplasia especially in working dogs.
Dog breeders supported and helped me to do this. I want to thank them.

One fundamental pillar of my practice is the in advance made appointment. Nowadays nobody likes waiting...
The other substantial pillar is the appreciation of the regular costumers by different discounts and special breeders' prices. As a practising breeder I know how important to consider the costs.
Treating of pets has become a really diversified science. I think an omniscient vet does not exist. I don not know everything either, but I know where do my clients and their animals get the most suitable and proper treatments.
Finally I want to mention life long learning, repertoire of techniques and permanent developing of my practice.

Professional practice

I graduated from the University of Veterinary Science in 1994. The next two years I did the national service and the compulsory one year long medical practice at the Department of Animal Hygiene, Held-health and Vet Ethology.
In 1996, I was appointed to official veterinarian and moved to Jászfényszaru.
Of course I started my private practice , that mainly consists of domestic animals. I also worked for a swine farm where were about 300 sows.
In 2005, after I finished working as an official vet, I was interested in pets' practice. In our family house, a small examining and operating section was formed.
In 2009, I completed a PennHip course in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA). Now I am working on the exam exposures.
After this course I made an operation called JPS (Juvenile Pubic Symphisiodesis) on 3 dogs with one of my colleges, Antal Papp DVM (Talpas Veterinary Clinic, Budapest).